• 1. What do I do when my website is hacked?

    Change all the password to the service. Inform users of the site about the attack and advise them to change their password. Notify the host provider and ask them to analyze the problem. Get security for the website, in the form of antivirus and firewalls.

    Make a copy of the hacked website for forensic purposes and then upload a backup of the website

  • 2. What do I do when I have no internet connectivity?

    Ensure your wired or wireless devices are plugged in and on. Make sure network cables are well connected. The problem may be from just one website if can't be accessed, so try accessing other websites on the same computer. Reboot your machine. Contact your ISP(Internet Service Provider) for further assistance.

  • 3. What can I do when I have Slow internet?

    Run a speed test. Before you restart your router, check if others have a similar problem. If it's on just one computer, restart that machine. Limit or close tabs to website that hog bandwidth.

    Try clearing cache from the browser used if that doesn't work then you must consult your ISP for further troubleshooting.

  • 4. What can I do when I cannot access VPN?

    Check your internet connection. Restart your machine. Try reconnecting, ensure that the correct information is inputted. If after attempting all the above, you still have problem connecting, contact NITA support.

  • 5. What can I do when my System has been compromised?

    Change all passwords. Use strong password and make use of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

    Make use of multifactor authentication Alert users that you've been hacked. Inform your administrator of the issue. Beef up your system security.Immediately disconnect the cable or wifi from the network to prevent other devices from getting infected and inform the IT officer in your department

  • 6. What can I do when my Site has been breached?

    Change all passwords. Inform users of the situation. Report the matter to the web host Inform your IT Manager immediately

  • 7. What can I do when my C-Panel has been Compromised?

    Change your password. Restore backup.

    Inform your administrator about the situation. Inform your ISP immediately for assistance

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